My EQ7 Block Challenge Entry & Bonus Sketches

A few months ago, EQ7 announced it had partnered with Moda for a EQ users block challenge.  The challenge:  Design a block using the new “Fresh Cut” fabric line by Basic Grey.   There was no sewing or presentation involved,  nor was there block size limitations, just plain designing in your EQ7.   I am still slowly learning EQ7 but I after reading the challenge I decided it would be a fun way to make a new block and sharpen my skills.

A cool perk of EQ7 is that they offer free fabric downloads each month.  You can find them here.  It takes only a minute or two to transfer the ones you want into your personal EQ library and start using them. So after I downloaded Fresh Cut, I started going through the block library for inspiration.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 7.10.43 AM

Some basic rules I needed to remember:  Obviously, use my EQ7.  Use only Fresh Cut fabric line. 6″ x 6″ min size but any shape.  Can be original or from the library. No need to sew or make sample.  Easy, huh? Right up my alley!

After scrolling through different sections, I stopped in the Seminole Piecing area. The upper left caught my eye so I added it to my sketchbook and started to play. Truth be told, this took me a few days to finish and look how I pictured it in my head. I finished it early, but saved it and came back to it a few times over the past week or so to change something.

Fresh Cut ChallengeSo this is my finished block. What do you think?  I made this block a larger size to start off with, but I would really like this as a whole quilt design.  I can’t imaging making this block in a smaller size a few more times to quilt, but I’m still a newbie quilter so maybe someone else could!

Here is another one I was playing around with.

EQ7 number 2EQ7 is so much fun to explore.  But I always make sure I time myself because once I go in, it may be several hours before I get out.

Wish me luck on the challenge!



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