A Day In The Life

When a huge-o-mongous snowstorm comes to town and school is cancelled your plans change in a heartbeat.  So instead of hours of sewing and working on projects quietly you start to re-plan your day. Lots of cuddling with soft blankets, rented movies, and MineCraft happen. Boys play nicely together (which doesn’t happen all the time!) and do chores to help out dear old mom – who caught the crud they had last week.  Hmph.

So here are some snapshots of my day yesterday. Some more fun than others, but I’m keepin’ it real!


With the hubby traveling for work and school cancelled, I go outside to see  about 10″ of snow visited overnight.  With it still coming down heavy and more on the way, I turn on the snowblower and get to work.


Did you know quilting rulers make excellent snow markers?  The kids go right for the Omnigrids during snowstorms!  Anyway, I manage to get the driveways and walkways cleared out.  After I thawed out a bit I hit the shower and then sit near the fireplace for a bit to get a bit more toasty. With the kids happy and content I get out my Christmas fabrics and start to fussy cut some Santas and Snowmen for an Economy Block quilt I want to make.

These prints seem to be quite popular this season.  I’m glad I found some early and bought enough to work with.  I am going to make 42 blocks total and would love to get this done in the next week, but I’m not holding my breath!

IMG_0553With the snow still coming down hard in the afternoon, the boys decide to practice some of their show tunes for upcoming band concerts. Oldest plays trombone and middle plays Baritone. I love to listen to them play and am amazed at how easily they learn the material.  What a gift they have.  So I sit back for a bit with my hot Raspberry tea and listen to them play.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 11.19.01 AMAfter practices were over and school projects and work ready for school I go out to plow the driveway. Again.  15″ by 5pm, still going strong.   I come in and thaw out, again,  then we have a nice dinner and  watch Earth to Echo.  I  sit and watch and with my laptop, editing all my pictures for the handbag pattern I’ve been working on. Man did I take a lot of pictures!  I was also able to read through my pattern some more to check for errors and add images I think need to go in the pattern.  It was a nice feeling of accomplishment!

IMG_03321The boys and I go to bed shortly after the movie is finished. They want to stay up late because of a ‘snow day’  but little do they know it’s only a 2-hr delay Thursday!  Maybe I’ll get to clean and sort this studio of mine Thursday?!?!  We’ll see.

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