My Kismet Trinket Boxes – A Sew Sweetness Pattern

2016-11-18-11-16-26These cute little boxes are part of Sew Sweetness newest pattern, Kismet Trinket Boxes!  This new pattern is part of Sara’s ‘Value Series’ of $5 patterns, and has less than 20 steps.  With 2 shapes and 3 sizes each you can pick what you’d like to sew (sew all the sizes!!) I bet once you make the first one, you’ll agree.  They’re addictive!


I made the small circle and small square for my first go-round.  The small square- 5” long x 3-1/2” tall x 3” deep and the small round – 12” circumference x 4” tall.   If you choose to make the set of 3 in both shapes you’ll notice they nest into each other nicely for storage.  And I have to say that these pretties make the best scrap buster projects because they all use less than a FQ!


After a few pattern re-reads I was able to sew these up in about an hour and a half.  I used a sewing fabric I’ve had hoarded away from JoAnn’s so it’s a nice cotton weight.  I think you could make them in other assorted fabric weights, but keep in mind the smaller ones need more “hankering” with so i’d try a larger shape first and see how it does.


Kismets would be a great pattern for a sewist comfortable with sewing curves an with zippers.  The Lid was the most challenging for me, but once I got a feel for how it goes together it was fine.  I suggest the use of fabric clips, scissors to snip fabric or zipper material slightly to help with various curves and handsewing needles for sewing an opening closed.

If you’d like to grab a copy of the Kismet Trinket Boxes, head over here to grab your $5 copy!


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