WIP Wednesday – My First EQ7 Project


A few months ago I purchased EQ7 for my MAC. I have spent time here and there watching videos and tutorials for beginners (boy do I have a long way to go!!) but this weekend I decided to try and make a block of my own.  I do not know how this program works on non-Apple computers, but I set a 12″x12″ grid on a PatchDraw block set on EasyDraw.  From there I just started playing around and came up with this:

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 12.49.33 PM

There are a ton of color and random fabrics in the library (and you can buy specific lines I’ve been told) so I picked out a few to get an idea on what it would look like. Not bad huh?  Did I create an original pattern? I have no idea, but probably not. I’m just happy that I have learned enough at this point to create a simple block, save it, and print it!


After I finished my block I headed to the printer to see my options on printing out my block.  The options of: Block, Foundation Patterns, Rotary Cutting or Template was provided.  I first printed out the foundation patten. AWESOME!  I was able to number my pattern as well as set up  piecing sections. The second printout was the template option that you see above. I was able to have a finished, letter-labeled block on top followed by all the pieces I would need.  I cannot believe how easy it was!

My finished block was made using the foundation pattern.  It was a challenge to me as I am new to odd-evil-seams but I’m happy with my attempt.  I plan to enlarge this block soon so I can make a few pillows using some of my fall fabric stash.  I have some great panel yardage from Kim Schaefer for Andover Fabrics I think will make the perfect backing. What do you think?


Thanks for reading! I am linking up today’s post to WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced. Have a great day. Cindy

TBT — Growing up in the 80’s

2014-09-08 10.09.50

Yesterday I received a large envelope in the mail filled with photos.  My dad and 96 yo grandmother spent the weekend going through her old photos trying to organize them and send them to various relatives.  I am usually the picture taker and not in a ton of photos, so it was wonderful to see all these photos of me in various times in my life.  Some of the pictures are yellowed. Some are  faded, bright and clear.  But they are {Read More}

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Eco Canvas by Spoonflower ~ My Sashiko Sample

2014-09-08 10.09.40

  A few weeks ago Spoonflower had a free swatch day, inviting people to pick any design pattern on their site and order a free 8 in. x 8 in. test swatch of Eco Canvas.  I am very familiar with Spoonflower but have not ordered from them before.  I was interested to see what a polyester canvas with 45% recycled materials felt like so I placed my order. The pattern I chose is called Sashiko: toni asa-no-ha- scattered hemp leaf,  designed by Bonnie Phantasm. {Read More}

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A Little Slice of Heaven

2014-08-28 09.36.11

I’m having Cape Cod withdrawal people!  The sunny, cool weather. The sea air. Our family gatherings.  A week of fun and adventures that the boys loved and the hubby got to unwind.  So as promised, here is a visual tour of our week on the Cape!  Several times during out visit Uncle C took all the cousins out on his boat for fishing, sightseeing and most of all TUBING!!  Our boys have never been tubing but they caught on fast. {Read More}

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Time to Play Catch Up!


Man, I haven’t gone this long between posts in some time! Life over here has been a busy one, but truly wonderful and full of family time. Before I keep going I have to share a picture of my little men.  They started school yesterday so in between heavy rainfall I managed to take a few shots. Oldest is starting 8th grade, middle 5th, and youngest 2nd.  Middle had a big day yesterday because 5th grade here is middle school {Read More}

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