WIP Wednesday ~ The 1718 Coverlet QAL ~ February Blocks

I am a huge antique-er (is that a word?).  I have many old pieces of furniture, art, and assorted goodies in my home with stories to tell.  So when I first heard Susan Briscoe released a book called The 1718 Coverlet I knew I had to look it up.  This book shares the history of a 69 block beauty, which is said to be the the oldest dated British patchwork coverlet. After I purchased the book I read it. And re-read it.  This coverlet {Read More}

Birthday Pillows & Spa Treatments!

  Last Saturday was oldest’s 14th birthday.  Besides the traditional birthday fun, I decided to add some more *young-man* sorts of furnishings to his room.  This boy of mine has his room set up and organized just the way he likes, so I had to make sure the changes were not big ones.  I added deep red black-out curtains that not only made his room look like a dungeon, they have been keeping drafts out too. Bonus!  I also found a {Read More}

WIP Wed: Block 19 & 20 of The 163 Japanese Patchwork Book

Early last year I started making blocks from a wonderful Japanese Book titled (roughly):   163 favorite Pattern of Patchwork .  ISBN 9784391140.  It caught my eye because I have a serious love for Japanese sewing and quilting books, but mainly because each block was deconstructed for you so you could see how to best assemble them.  By December 2014, I completed 18  8″ blocks. Not too bad! I plan on continuing this project in 2015, so today I got my book out once {Read More}

My EQ7 Block Challenge Entry & Bonus Sketches

A few months ago, EQ7 announced it had partnered with Moda for a EQ users block challenge.  The challenge:  Design a block using the new “Fresh Cut” fabric line by Basic Grey.   There was no sewing or presentation involved,  nor was there block size limitations, just plain designing in your EQ7.   I am still slowly learning EQ7 but I after reading the challenge I decided it would be a fun way to make a new block and sharpen my {Read More}


Sorry I missed WIP Wednesday!  I have a 5yo MacBook Pro that needed to be updated to OS X Yosemite Tuesday night.  I uploaded it, went to bed and in the morning discovered that Satan had taken over my computer.  The lag time was horrible and most of the sites I frequent (my shop and blog) would not load properly.  After reading a million comments on Apple support I finally ended up uninstalling Safari and cleaning a few other parts {Read More}

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