They don’t make things like they use to…..

Have you heard your parents or grandparents say that phrase?  Mine did, and today I am too.  I’m talking about my beef with my handy (or not so handy now) iron. I had a nice inexpensive iron at one time. It died at the rip old age of 15. So a few months back, M went out a bought me a new one. Shark. Really cool and worked great until one day it just stopped working. No warning. No abuse. {Read More}

Packing away the Bags

It’s so nice to look over to my craft table and see a handful of completed bags! Now that we’re moving soon and showing the house many times a day, I have had to get creative about displaying my bags. I have set up quite a few on some hooks on my IKEA rod for “show”,  but they are multiplying and it’s getting harder to display them. Since it’s cold, wet and just plain icky outside I spent some time {Read More}

Ever get frustrated on a new project?

Do you ever get a great idea in your head for a project, but when it actually comes down to DOING it, it doesn’t turn out like you planned? Well, I’m in that place right now.  I’ve been working on an adorable bag pattern for a week or so now. It’s a tall tote with a set of pockets for cell phones, etc and a zippered pocket for the secret stuff.  I managed to get the dimensions for the bag {Read More}

Pattern Testing: Convertible clutch / 2 in 1 bag pattern from LBG Studio

Now that I’ve got my blog started, I can share a photo of the Convertible Clutch 2-in-1 Bag I recently tested for Little Big Girl Studio. If you haven’t had a chance to check out LBG Studio you’re in for a treat. I have been following her blog for some time now and really enjoy reading her tips and ideas. You will also find patterns and tutorials for crafters of all ages and experience levels. This was the first time I {Read More}

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