Bag Love

I wanted to share a few bags and accessories I’ve been lusting over recently. I love making my own bags and often do, but sometimes you see an exceptional bag that you just can’t live with out. Sometimes you buy it. Sometimes you put it on a wish list. Maybe, if you have mad skills you can design something similar yourself.  I’ve done all of the above. But today I want to share some items on my wish list: (click {Read More}

Epic *Success!*

Well, I shared an epic fail of a bag the other day, so today I’ll show you a success.  This bag was inspired from a Japanese craft book I purchased last year. I can understand the picture directions, but did use Google Translate and a Japanese translation site to help with the rest. After a bit of tweaking and altering, I finally finished it and I was very happy with the results! (See above) When I make a new handbag, {Read More}

I’ve been trapped in my wo-man cave!

Well, I wouldn’t say trapped, but I have actually had some time between kids activities and routines to sneak some time in my craft room to work on some projects and ideas floating around in my head. This brown and pink polka-dot tote is my newest creation. The pink ruffles you see in the front are open on the ends to allow for a piece of string or ribbon to use it as a drawstring. I used 6 different pieces {Read More}

The Bias Tape Bag

I have had this bag idea in my head for awhile, but never dug into it until recently.  The idea I had was to take a nice small tote and add a colorful fabric accent to it in a different way. I sketched it all out and came up with The Bias Handle Bag. I am so happy with how it turned out. But if you have made handbags before, you know that MOST of the time your final product {Read More}

A Japanese Inspired Bag

Over the summer I found a handbag pattern online. It looked like it was scanned and uploaded, but the pictures were clear and easy to follow. The problem? It was in Japanese…  If you are an experienced sewist (is that the right word?) you can sometimes follow a pattern by pictures alone. But for this pattern, I needed some assistance. Thank goodness for my MacBook Pro and Google Translate! I was able to adapt it into a clear set of {Read More}

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