~Hand Stitched Leather Card Holder~

Leatherwork is something I have been interested in for some time. For the past year I have been silently researching, learning and experimenting with various leathers in my studio.  One of my 2016 goals is to continue my learning and working with leather, and to hopefully share with it with you! This past weekend I was able to finish up a personal project I started a few months back.  My first handstitched leather business card holder. I’ve had this leather {Read More}

Handbag Fabrics ~ A Poll ~

As most of you know I pretty much sew and sell handbags exclusively. I know what I like to sew with, but on occasion want to try something new. I’m sure many of you are like this as well. Today on Facebook I have a poll starting that asks, “What Are Your Favorite Fabrics For Sewing Handbags?” If you sell handbags or similar items, what materials do you favor? A composition? Brand? I’d love to hear your favorites!  You can {Read More}

Lookbooks & Sewing Inspiration -Found on ISSUU.com

I discovered Issuu by accident last year when I was looking up a book ISBN number on Google.  And instead of clicking on the close window box I kept looking around. What I found was a hidden treasure of sewing and quilting publications! So what exactly is Issuu?  It’s simply a digital publishing platform.  Companies both big and small from around the world use this platform to upload and share upcoming product releases,  brochures, magazines sneak peaks, and even complete magazines {Read More}

Weekending: My Mint-Colored Singer 15-125

I love antiques.  My house has quite a few pieces of old furniture and trinkets I’ve found over the years. But my favorite antique purchases recently have been related to sewing.  Last winter I found a collection of 90 year old needlecraft magazines.  I’m not much of a stitcher, but to see the ads, prices and trends are fun to look through from time to time. When Spring rolled around in CNY the neighborhood yard sales started. I hit the jackpot {Read More}

My Foam Stabilizer Tests & Results! Part 3

Welcome back!  This is part 3 and final day in a series I’m writing about foam stabilizers.  If you would like to read Part 1 click HERE.  Part 2 can be read HERE. A brief recap.   I decided to make three bucket bags, each using a different kind of foam stabilizer. The buckets were labeled “A”, “B”, and “C”.  At the end of Tuesday’s post, I shared my findings on bucket A then went on to compare and talk about Bucket {Read More}

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