My Foam Stabilizer Tests & Results! Part 2

Welcome back!  This is part 2 of a series I’m writing about foam stabilizers.  If you would like to read Part 1 click HERE. A brief recap.   I decided to make three bucket bags, each using a different kind of foam stabilizer. The buckets were labeled “A”, “B”, and “C”.  At the end of yesterday’s post, I started to share my findings on bucket A. I went over the general look and feel of the foam as well as some {Read More}

My Foam Stabilizer Tests & Results! Part 1

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I’ve been testing foam stabilizers I use in my studio.  When I found out Pellon released their own version (Flex Foam) recently, I knew it was time to order some and do a little testing!.  So today I am sharing with you Part 1 of my findings and thoughts. I hope you enjoy! If you sew handbags, you know that foam stabilizers are popular for creating structure to various parts of handbags while {Read More}

My Industrial Sewing Machine & Her Feet

This picture was one of the first images I shared on Raspberry Sunshine back in 2011. My Juki 8700-7 industrial sewing machine in all her glory, fresh out of the box.  I had never owned an industrial machine and worked exclusively on a very moody Bernina.  So when I start sewing and selling bags and other accessories it became clear that the Bernina wouldn’t cut it. So the hubby and I shopped around and kept coming back to Juki’s.  This {Read More}

Wacky Tools in Your Studio You Can’t Sew Without

  Those baby food sweet potato walls drive me insane…. I love it when bloggers share pictures of their sewing studios.  I am lucky to have an area in the basement (which desperately needs paint) for my work.  And while this picture shows the neat and clean, it’s a sty most of the time! I also love to see what tools everyone uses.  No, I don’t mean what’s new on the market or what’s coming out at next Quilt Market…  I {Read More}

How Many Empty Spools of Thread do YOU have?

  In my blog feed this morning was a new post from AnneMarie of Gen X Quilters. For the past year,  she has been saving her empty spools to see how much thread she used during a 1 year period.  3500m of thread she said she went through this past year.  Being a spool-saver myself,  I finished reading her post and headed to the basement to get out my spool basket. Sixteen.   This is what I’ve used since Dec 2013 (when we first moved to {Read More}

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