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I need some ideas

We have a wonderful fabric shop in town called UFab. It’s a fairly large-sized warehouse full of home decor fabric from every maker known to man. It has a wonderful selection and the prices are competitive with similar items I see online.  In their basement though is where you can find real treasures. Fabric from $2.99/yd, small sample fabrics and TONS of trim.  Every once in awhile I will come across a piece of unique trim and snatch up the {Read More}

Ever get frustrated on a new project?

Do you ever get a great idea in your head for a project, but when it actually comes down to DOING it, it doesn’t turn out like you planned? Well, I’m in that place right now.  I’ve been working on an adorable bag pattern for a week or so now. It’s a tall tote with a set of pockets for cell phones, etc and a zippered pocket for the secret stuff.  I managed to get the dimensions for the bag {Read More}

Business Cards & Bag Labels

THEY. ARE. HERE!! My custom bag labels and business cards arrived by men in brown trucks yesterday. On the same day.  I ripped open the packages and found perfection. I am beyond excited (can’t ya tell?) and can’t wait to finally start production on my accessory line. You can only do so much when making a handbag without your label. If you are looking for quality business cards and labels for your own handmade goodies here is where I went: {Read More}

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