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I’m finished!!

I have never made a clutch before. I’m more of a middle-to-big kinda bag girl, so when I saw the Naughty Notions Challenge required to make a clutch I decided to try.  Here are some shots of my finished clutch.  I used a dark denim for the exterior and a pink home decor weight patterned fabric for the interior. My naughty notion was the carved buttons, swivel clip/ring, and the pink crinkly home decor “tape”. By tape, I mean what you see {Read More}

In Progress….

As you may have read, I am participating in an online sewing challenge called Naughty Notions Challenge with other bloggers around the world.  The past few days I have been making the clutch and working with an especially naughty notion I found at my local fabric store. I’ve posted pictures of this notion a few weeks back, having found NO use for it. But when I signed up for this challenge I found the inspiration I needed to use it. {Read More}

7 Pretty Things on a Snowy Sunday

Photo & Project Credits:  1. Drawstring Patchwork Cube   2. Tote Organizer   3. Fabric Fortune Cookies   4. Scalloped Tote *CUTE*   5. Casserole Carrier  6. Re-Usable Grocery Bags  7. Fabric Flowers  We woke up this morning to a bit of snow and leftover ice from yesterday. On top of that, we have shown our house a few times this weekend which always causes stress. This stress tends to multiply when you have three boys to wrangle into the car for a quick adventure. We are now in a {Read More}

I’m a Busy Bee

I’ve been a busy bee as of lately. I have been working on items for my Etsy store and trying out new techniques and materials, but mostly I’ve been in moving mode.  For those of you who have moved quite a bit you may understand better, but when I move I start to stage the house immediately.  For us, this means many trips to the local donation station, never-ending cleaning, re-arranging furniture and pictures to make the house look pretty {Read More}

Bag Love

I wanted to share a few bags and accessories I’ve been lusting over recently. I love making my own bags and often do, but sometimes you see an exceptional bag that you just can’t live with out. Sometimes you buy it. Sometimes you put it on a wish list. Maybe, if you have mad skills you can design something similar yourself.  I’ve done all of the above. But today I want to share some items on my wish list: (click {Read More}

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