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Coming down the home stretch & keeping busy

T-minus one week until the movers will have our house boxed up into a monster moving van driving down to Florida!! I am beyond excited, but my nerves are shot. My mind goes through many mental lists wondering if there is anything I have forgotten to do. Thankfully, with the house sold all those complications are out of the way and now I fret over getting the kids and their school transcripts, physicals, etc. ready to go. If you’ve moved {Read More}

Moving on…cleaning up…again

So here is a shot of my scrap bins (well, I did take a bit out so it wouldn’t look so bad, but still…) Every fabric crafter has some sort of scrap area. Bins, baskets, thrown in the corner, you name it we have it.  At first I tried to sort the fabric by size, one bin for my favorite linen duck, one bin for interfacing, one for the bigger scraps, etc.  Yeah, didn’t work for long. So what I {Read More}

The Teardrop Bag

I have finally finished The Teardrop Bag by Emmaline Bags. It turned out wonderful and I’m so pleased with it!  I made the XL version so I could use it for day trips and pool visits this summer.  For the exterior, I used my favorite linen-duck cloth by Robert Allen. The interior and handles were a quilted cotton from our local quilt shop. I only added a few interior pockets, leaving out the zipper or magnetic closure. Those are extras {Read More}

Created by Inspiration

One of the best things I have found about men and women that sew and craft is that we are *most* of the time eager to show off our finished products and share the process in creating them.  There are numerous message boards devoted to every type of craft imaginable and the men and women who post on them often have their own blogs where they share tutorials, ideas or general family and life stories. Since I have begun sewing {Read More}

They don’t make things like they use to…..

Have you heard your parents or grandparents say that phrase?  Mine did, and today I am too.  I’m talking about my beef with my handy (or not so handy now) iron. I had a nice inexpensive iron at one time. It died at the rip old age of 15. So a few months back, M went out a bought me a new one. Shark. Really cool and worked great until one day it just stopped working. No warning. No abuse. {Read More}

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