I’m afraid of a handbag. There. I said it.


My husband knows me well. He also has uber-fantastic taste when it comes to anything ME.   Many moons ago, a large box from Tiffany’s arrived at our house.  Inside it was a beautiful bracelet and soft silky drawstring bag that had this: All I could do was look at it! So pretty, with that trademark silky blue Tiffany fabric inside. The soft leather handles and fold-over lid. Sigh.  I don’t own many leather bags and have never own a {Read More}

Changing It Up


What is so fun about handbag patterns you purchase is the ability for the sewist to alter the pattern.  If you have large amounts of tracing paper or other preferred pattern making paper your options are endless.  Personally, I use craft paper for initial patterns (Actually it is a big-honkin’ roll of 18″ coloring paper I bought for my kids last summer that I use more then they do!).  Craft paper is nice because while it is strong enough for {Read More}