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Pinterest Friday

I love searching the web for fabulous DIY ideas. Handbags, crafts, home decor, but especially handbags.  It’s amazing what wonderful talent you can find on the WWW and how generous many of them are to share free tutorials and how-to’s. I have a two boards on Pinterest dedicated to wonderful DIY accessories.  Here are a few fantastic DIY accessories I’m lusting over this week:                               Source: {Read More}

iPad Sketching App – Procreate

I am now taking a breather from sewing a few items for my shop. (That, and I ran out of blades for my rotary scissors!) My totes and other accessories are coming along quite nicely, but I wanted to share an app I recently found that I really love to use for my bag sketches.  Now, I’m not an artist by any means so when I share this app with you please note there is A LOT of really cool {Read More}

Twill Tape Paint Testing

  The oldest two of our clan are off in Georgia camping with the Boy Scouts this week, so this morning I took the youngest two over to Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota. After lunch both boys started their aquatic playing (both real and pretend!) adventures. While they were creating a pretend shark tank out of a shoebox I decided to take out my twill tape, paint and brushes and practice with some tag making. I have this vision in {Read More}

Purse Palooza

Have you been following Purse Palooza 2012 over at Sew Sweetness? It started June 4th and every day there are two bloggers that review and construct handbag patterns from various authors.  Here is the schedule: June 4 – Sara @ Sewsweetness (Pat Bravo Capri Bag) Kim @ My Go-Go Life (Sew Sweetness Lindsay Tote) June 5 – Meg @ Fashioned by Meg (Anna Maria Horner Art Student Tote) Lindsay @ Lindsay Sews (Posie Rosie Little Things Jane Market Bag) June 6 – Kaelin @ The Plaid Scottie (Liesl & Co. Day in the {Read More}

The Duckie Tote

When the boys were a bit younger and we lived in the arctic state of Pennsylvania (hey-I’m a Florida girl!) we lived in a house that looked eerily close to the Brady Bunch house. And because of the house being built in that era it tended to have bathrooms in “unique” colors.  Luckily for us ours was blue. The tub/shower = blue. Toilet=blue. Tile=white with blue. And if I remember correctly, the countertop may have been blue as well. We {Read More}

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