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I’m Not a “Techie”, But….

I love surfing online. I love reading my blogs and working on my own, but I am not what you’d call a “techie”. I dabble.  So when my blogging friend Janelle over at Emmaline Bags & Patterns started working on her Google+ page, I decided to dust my page off and bring it to life.  Janelle introduces you to a great Google+ tutorial over at In the Old Road.  The tutorial is presented in 4 parts and Shasta guides you {Read More}

A Ta-Da Tuesday

My first hooray for today was finally opening my box from  The waterlogged box was waiting for me Saturday when I arrived home from vacation. Totally mashed up and in bad shape because even on my doorstep, the storms still got it. Thank goodness for plastic wrapping because the fabric was in perfect condition. After a run through the washer and dryer and a good steam ironing, my new fabric is ready to be used. If you wonder what {Read More}

Tutorial: Recycled Jeans Pocket Pouch!

I have seen many pictures online of bloggers recycling clothing for various purposes.  Sweaters, socks, military attire, denim, the list goes on. So when I started noticing many online pictures and stories of recycling denim, I wanted to share a pouch I enjoy making with my denim “leftovers”. This will work with most fabrics (although I have a legit fear of knits – I cannot guide you on that one!). You can probably find many tutorials on something similar, but {Read More}

My Wonderful Package Arrived!

There is a wonderful blog I  follow called Japanese Sewing Books.  The blog is written by yifarn a mom living in Singapore, and is all about the wonderful world of Japanese sewing books!  Japanese sewing books are simple, very descriptive with great pictures and the talent is amazing. And when I started up sewing again, I found a few on ebay to read through and get ideas and inspiration from and I’ve been collecting ever since.  And yes, I cannot {Read More}

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