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My Mountain of Ties…..

Earlier in the week, I promised to show a picture of the mountain of ties I found in the estate sale. So here they are! Quite the funky variety, huh? Before I can use them though I need to put them on a delicate ‘fluff’ in the dryer to get rid of the slightly musty smell. The picture you see are the ones I kept, which is close to 75 ties. I took the remaining ties I didn’t want and donated them {Read More}

I Hit The Crafting Jackpot!!

I actually feel giddy! After 24 hours in my possession and a first pick-through of the bins, I can post my jackpot.  Introducing: Heaven. I saw an ad Thursday morning for a woman looking to sell craft supplies. She said she had a whole room full of organized bins she needed to get rid of. They were her late mother’s, who was a textile artist. My eyes bugged out and I immediately called her. I wasn’t hopeful as I’m usually {Read More}

How Do You Take Photos of Your Products?

  Continuing on with my never-ending saga of getting my shop and brand up and running…….. I have been lurking around Etsy and other selling sites lately looking at the way business owners photograph their products. Of course I’m looking at handbags, pouches, etc. I have also been looking at jewelry shots and other craft related items.  Honestly, I probably shouldn’t have looked for so long because it reminded me of when I was pregnant and looked up every ache, {Read More}

What Are Your *Must Have* Sewing Tools?

I’ve seen lots of blogs recently share their favorite sewing tools and gadgets, so I decided to share mine today. I have these goodies on my table at all times and the irons on the ironing board next to me. 1. Quilting Ruler – My ruler is a 14″ x 4″. I also have one that is 28″ x 5″ that I use for larger fabric pieces. Made of hard plastic, these take a beating and still look good. There {Read More}

My Purse Week 2012 Entry: The Run-Around Bag!

I am finished. I have stitched. I have uploaded and played with the pictures. Whew! Introducing my entry:  The Run-Around Bag. It measures 13″x14″ with a boxed bottom and 20″ strap. What do you think? I am so happy with how it turned out and am still debating weather or not to keep it or put it in my store.  If I keep it, I plan to use in for daily use or maybe on days I have to shuffle {Read More}

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