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Custom Order – DONE!!

Hi everyone.  I hope you all have had a fun weekend. I am outside as I type in a nice lounge chair watching my boys and some friends play on a inflatable water slide in the backyard. It is in the upper 70’s here and not a cloud in the sky. Days like this is why I am so happy we moved back to Florida! I wanted to share with you my first completed custom ordered bag. Between sick kids {Read More}

Sewing Book Enabler Alert! Flashback time…

Happy Monday! I can honestly say I’m glad to get back to the routines and schedules of the week. I have missed posting this past week, but it feels like my house/family got hit by germs, neighborhood kids and life in general. I have been nursing 3 boys most of this week with various cold or flu-like illnesses and yesterday it came to a huge ka-pow with an afternoon spent at the walk-in clinic. Sobbing 9yo with raging ear infection, {Read More}

The “Tail” of the Cat and the PhotoShoot.

We have the most adorable kitten named Boppers. He is a very unique looking cat and up until recently, very skittish and shy. Well, he’s now out of his shell and is a total spazz.  For some reason he has decided that my sewing studio is his favorite place.  If you read my cat post last week you would have seen how thread was wrapped around my Juki and other sewing items. Yup. That was Boppers. I have now learned {Read More}

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