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A New Way To Show Your Handbags

I am constantly on the lookout for good storage. Not just for my handbags, but for other places around the house. In our new house I have my own studio, but it is a bit small and the layout isn’t the best. I have to deal with a cooling unit closet door and window hogging up a lot of usable space.  I have room for my cutting table, my machines and even a 5×5 IKEA cube, but what I don’t {Read More}

Changes Are Coming to Instagram

When I discovered Instagram, I fell in love with the effortless picture taking and filters. I found coding to make Instagram widgets in my blogs. I Pinterest-ed tons of crafty ideas on what to do with my pictures. Heck, my 5yo son even knows what Instagram is! But in the last week, Instagram has released their new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. And I am not amused. In fact, I think it may be time to break up with {Read More}

Aprons & Ornaments & Bags, Oh my!

Happy Monday everyone! Last week I promised to show my new large bucket tote I designed (on my cute new dress form too!). So here she is!  This was my first try at using leather straps for handles, and after carrying it around all week all I can say is Yipee!! I love this bag and I love the handles even more. I made the handles at about an 8″ drop and used 3 pop rivets for each handle piece. {Read More}

My Weekend Score!

On my hunt for holiday decorations for the house this past week, I found 5 wire dress forms at the local Marshall’s. I have seen them before in various stores. Some were really small for jewelry, others were larger and wire thicker.  Most of all, they were usually very expensive and I couldn’t justify buying one. So when I saw these in the home decor area I almost walked right past them assuming they’d be pricey again, but then I {Read More}

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