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~My Edelweiss Backpack ~ A Sew Sweetness Pattern!

I’m so excited to be able to finally share the first backpack I’ve ever made!!  Sara from Sew Sweetness is one of the best handbag designers and this is new newest release, The Edelweiss Backpack!   I’ve been testing for Sara for over a year now so I can honestly say she is a fantastic designer and her patterns are a must have for sewists who love to make handbags!  This is the first time I have ever made a {Read More}

WIP Wednesday ~ 11 so far ~

After using too many scraps (and a few good pieces), I finally finished two more blocks in the 163 Patchwork book.  The two I chose for this week were difficult for me. I think it was mostly because it had seaming I’d never attempted before.    But in the end I did them…. and not to shabby either. Here’s a shot of the blocks I’ve done from the book as of this week: I’m making my blocks 8″ finished so {Read More}

My First Pinterest Hack!

Well, I did it.  I finally took a pin off my boards (and this pin is on A LOT of boards!) and actually completed it!  The best part? It took under an hour and was so simple! Plus, I actually made something for me and it was knit! Go me! This wrap is said to be a version of the Bina Brianca Wrap.  I’m not familiar with them, but after I finished reading the article I knew just the material I {Read More}

WIP Wednesday turned into Friday

I had great hopes of posting these WIP on Wednesday with Freshly Pieced, but homework with the boys was quite the challenge this week and my work just sat on my computer card!  Moms, have you reached a point where you cannot help your kids with some of their homework? Yeah, that’s me. Well, at least for the math homework! My 7th grader is in Algebra so he knows better than to ask me, but my 4th grader is bringing {Read More}

Tiny Little Scrumptious Blocks & Cadbury Mini Eggs

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was filled with mostly boy activities, but I did finally get to see Frozen and loved it!! 7yo and I have been really wanting to see it, so when everyone else was out Saturday evening we downloaded it on iTunes and enjoyed every minute of it. I did a lot of sewing this weekend. Finished two big projects (I’ll be able to share in a few weeks) and cut {Read More}

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