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Spring Break Check-In

The boys started Spring Break over the weekend, so we’ve been doing everything in slo-mo around here this week. I will share our adventures soon, but in the meantime I’ll show you a few things I’ve finished. For some reason, I find myself sewing with my Featherweight in the corner of the family room. Don’t ask me why, it works for me. The only trouble I have with this is the Hulk and Minecraft bodies that lay around me while {Read More}

Hoppy Easter!

Oldest wanted to do a bunny photo shoot this morning to show everyone our cute Easter bunnies, but as usual, they had other plans! So instead of cute shots with props and bunnies that sit still, we have our adorable buns doing what they do best. HOP! This is Astro, our purebred Dutch who loves to be held and pet. His favorite pastimes are running around the Florida room, biting Shaggy when he gets to close to his cage and {Read More}

Spring? Is that you?

I took this photo on Instagram this afternoon. I believe it’s titled, “Spring With My Buds”. After last weekends warm shorts weather we were slapped in the face with nasty rains and a quick snow storm this week.  Luckily the few inches of snow we got melted within 24 hours and the temperatures started to rise again. Today marks the first day of Spring Break for the boys. We made a nice trip to Barnes & Noble so T could {Read More}

WIP Wednesday – State Block Style

A few weeks ago I mentioned on my Facebook page that I was working on a DIY quilt project for my house.  Well, I finally finished it a few days ago and here are the (almost done) results: Oohhh! More quilt blocks, you say.  What is so ‘special’ about those?  Well, the meaning of these blocks can be explained from their names. Top left and right: California and Florida. Bottom left and right: Virginia and Pennyslvania.  These state blocks represent {Read More}

Weekending – Birthday Edition

One of my favorite men turned 7 on Friday: Having a birthday on a school day can be quite fun, but for T he was torn. Do I open my goodies before or after school? Cupcakes or Cookies for my friends? Mom, can I stay home from school today and play? Such hard decisions for a little boy, huh?  So I answer him: You have to go to school big-guy, but the rest is your decision. So Friday morning at {Read More}

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