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~ Making Something New in September ~ Stash & Dash

This week I finally got around to making the popular Stash-and-Dash-Bag, a free pattern from!  The pattern was released this summer along with a great (and detailed!) sew-along on her blog.  Time was not on my side this summer so I just downloaded the pattern and set it aside until the boys headed back to school. The Stash and Dash Bag is a fun sew.  It does take a bit of time, but with the sew-along posts up on Annie’s blog, I was {Read More}

WIP Wednesday ~ Learning & Doing

Lots of WIP going on in the studio right now. This is a good thing though because these cuties are ALL finally back in school and I have a few hours of quiet sewing a day! For the first time ever I will have each of my boys in a different school 6th – 9th – 3rd.  Three new starting and ending times.  It’s going pretty well so far, but I really need to sit down and work on my daily schedule! {Read More}

Weekending: Favorite Instagram Sewing- Related Hashtags

Happy Sunday! What have you all been up to this weekend? Most of our weekend has been spent finishing up a deck redo, karate practices and taking my baby to his first high school social function. Sniff-Sniff.  But I have managed to do a bit of secret sewing and pattern test for a favorite bag gal.   Before I head off to track and field with the youngest, I wanted to share with you the wonderful world of Instagram hashtags.  Last week Elnora (Elnorac on {Read More}

Flashback Friday! ~ Revisiting an Epic *Fail*

It’s been 3 1/2 years since I first posted this epic fail post.   And at the time I had a lot of fails, but it’s been fun to read old posts and see how I’ve evolved as a handbag designer/sewer.  How have you evolved as a designer/sewer? I had great hopes for this bag. Sketched it out, made a pattern, etc. But when it was all said and done, it just didn’t turn out how I wanted. I really {Read More}

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