A new path

Hi everyone! I’m still here, but have been working on A LOT of projects.  As our school year begins tomorrow and I find myself home alone after 3 kids and 11 years as being a mom. So what am I dong? I am trying to make plans. Yeah, we’ll see how that goes…. But for now, I can tell you what I have been doing and actually accomplishing!

In the next week I will be taking all my family and home life posts and ideas over to a new website! My family link above will still be there, but when you click on it you’ll be directed to a new site and looks and feels totally different from my current site. Which is my goal. I hope to use it as a diary of sorts for my home and family life, schooling, kid “stuff”, food and my hometown.  I’ll post the link later in the week for you to check it out.

I am also getting close to opening my Etsy store. My current challenge is photography and how to best use the resources I have to take pictures that will sell my lovely goodies.  I am also working on a new Etsy and Facebook banner as well.  I have also completed several tall boxy pouches that will be good for diapers/wipes/toys/etc. I will try and sneak a shot of them up this week.  I have so many ideas jumping around in my head that my iPad sketchbook has been getting a workout.

So to finish up our weekend we are planning on a quiet day with the boys. Maybe a swim. Lots of time to talk and cuddle before I send them off on the bus tomorrow. Cleaning backpacks, picking out clothes, packing lunches. You know….the regular stuff.  See you soon!


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