Cute Raspberry Labels – My Review

Last year I purchased my first labels for Raspberry Sunshine handbags. I was happy with how they turned out, but not “wowed”. They are large, so I’ll probably use them in my larger totes, but I found that I really needed a smaller label that was simple and small enough to use in clutches and pouches. So off to Google I went. I found lots of sites that make labels all over the world but I just didn’t feel comfortable ordering from random sites that had little to no reviews. So I headed over to Etsy.

Since I will be an Etsy gal soon, I always try to order products for my handbags from Etsy owners to show my support and I have always been happy with the quality of my purchases. As I surfed Etsy I discovered WorldWideLabel. Let me tell you, BEST discovery ever!  I found  the amounts I needed and the style I wanted. I e-mailed them and received a prompt response. They allowed me to upload my cute Raspberry picture along with my blog font and the color of my Raspberry.  I told them the size and as we chatted back and forth, then they took my wishes and made them a reality.  WWL also made several suggestions to make it more visually pleasing and easy to sew on my bags. Perfect!! No hassle, no pressure, nada. These folks know what they are doing, which is obvious from seeing samples on their blog.

WWL also has a Facebook page where you can ask questions. They also post pictures several times a week to show you what work they have completed and shipped.  From start to finish, my labels took about  a month. Not bad when you consider they are working in Hong Kong. But the quality is worth the wait, the price can’t be beat and the service was top notch. WWL will now be my place to shop for labels. If you are not in a rush and want the best labels for your craft give them a try. You won’t be disappointed!  Happy Thursday!

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  1. Cindy they look very professional, they will look great inside your bags. I was very excited when I got my tags too. Just wait till you get business cards it will be great to be able to hand them out, as people ask you about your business.