Purse Week 2012 – My Inspiration Materials!

As I’ve said many times, I adore Japanese handbag design books. The simple clean designs, the fabric, the talent!  So as I looked through a few new books I have,  I came up with a plan (well, an idea) of what I want to do.  I am a big-bag kinda gal. I love to sew smaller bags and pouches but I find myself using totes and larger bags everyday. So my 2012 Purse Week entry will be “tote-size” but with a twist.  So, I introduce to you my inspiration materials.

I have no earthly idea the name of this fabric.  I found a grab bag of it at the quilt store last week. There were lots of pinks, greys and blues. I am sticking with pinks and greys for this project.  I also plan to use a linen blend as the “base” of the bag, but the fabric above will be used quite a bit!

My twist will involve the pattern, but mostly the use of fibers!  I have jars of various fibers I’ve had for years. Long ago, I used them for scrapbooking. But now I use them for gift wrapping, card making, and with fabric.  The fibers you see in the first picture are the ones I plan to use with these fabrics.  I purchased most of these on e-bay, but I also used Fibers-by-The-Yard quite a bit. Don’t ya just love fabric and fibers?!!?  Now all I need to do is find a giant button and I’m ready to start.  Happy Labor Day everyone!

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