Sewing Book Enabler Alert! Flashback time…

Happy Monday! I can honestly say I’m glad to get back to the routines and schedules of the week. I have missed posting this past week, but it feels like my house/family got hit by germs, neighborhood kids and life in general. I have been nursing 3 boys most of this week with various cold or flu-like illnesses and yesterday it came to a huge ka-pow with an afternoon spent at the walk-in clinic. Sobbing 9yo with raging ear infection, 5yo with a cold and 11yo with a very bad case of Bronchitis.  I kinda feel like we got stuck in the Bermuda Triangle, or the not-so “Perfect Storm”….everything just hits from all angles at once. Does this ever happen to you?

Today, the youngest two are back in school and oldest is resting and playing video games between naps. I will hopefully get caught up with my sewing and some blog posts.  The first thing I wanted to share was while I was organizing my studio recently, I found some old college books in the back of a cubbie. Most of you probably don’t know I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Family & Consumer Sciences Education (aka “Home Economics). I was a certified teacher in the State of Florida and could teach 6-12 grade electives. I spent 5 years at the high school level teaching everything under the sun EXCEPT sewing! So any books related to what I was teaching stayed out and my sewing and fashion design course books were put away.

So I pulled out the sewing and design books and took a stroll though memory lane. Some of the books were rather dated on the clothing side, but I want to share with you an excellent textbook I used for my intro and immediate clothing construction classes. It’s called:  A Guide to Fashion Sewing (5th Edition) bye Connie Amaden-Crawford. This link will take you to the current edition, but I am getting old and crusty and have the 2nd Edition.

If you are looking for a introductory book to clothing construction you should check this book out. I am very tall and on the lean side so sewing garments has always been a challenge (and rather unpleasant). I love handbag and accessory design which this book does not cover, but the topics you’ll read about will come in handy in all types of sewing!  The first few chapters go over basic fabrics, body types and sized, patterns/fittings, and tools.

The next few chapters cover seams….over 13 of them! She also shows types of darts, tucks, bias and bias treatments.  What I love most about this book is that the directions are simply written with fabulous drawn pictures that show how to do it and/or what it’s suppose to look like. No fancy colored paper or graphics just the topic, the how-to and the pictures.

Here are some examples of how she shows zipper installations. There are five of them in this book. You’ll also find over 10 examples of pockets and how to make them, sleeve treatments, collars, neckline treatments, linings, facing and waistband installations.

The last few chapters of the book contain hemming, types of closures and other finishing touches.  I think it’s a very thorough book and if you are looking for a good reference book to give the beginner fashion sewist, give it a try. The current edition is rather pricey, but I checked my second edition online and it was WAY cheaper and contained the same materials.  Have a great day everyone!  Cindy

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