Menu Monday’s! What’s On Your Menu?


I’m a little late getting my Menu Monday out, but I can legitimately blame it on my front tires and leaky shower (again!!) Last Monday I introduced my Menu Monday’s and what my goals for it were. Read that post here. So what can I check off my list?  I completed and shared my January quilt block on my blog. I had a lot of fun with this and can see why quilting is so addictive!  I also made files of my 2013 calendar pages and shared them with you.

I also showed you a bit of fabric I’m using for a bag pattern I’m testing. I really wanted to complete the bag and get it back to her and I did.  I cannot wait to show you the bag and where you can buy the pattern. After I sent in my corrections and ideas, she sent me another e-mail asking if I’d test her next pattern! WooHoo!! Of course I said yes. This bag is totally different from the last and looks like another winner. So I may try and start picking out fabric this week to start it but we’ll see. Maybe that yummy fabric you see above?


What’s on my menu this week?  Sharing my love of all things Robert Allen? No? Come on, maybe a little. It seems that every time I go out fabric shopping the first fabrics I pick up are 90% of the time RA? See the cuteness of the green polka dots and blue floral home decor fabric?  ON  my last shopping trip, I walked into the fabric store and within minutes was having some of this cut out. Yup, Robert Allen. Didn’t even look at the label. I think it may be an obsession….

So what’s REALLY on my list this week? Use some of the RA fabric! Try and complete the prototype for my first .pdf pattern. I am about 1/3 way done right now but I hit a snag and have to do some rewiring. Let’s see if I can have a picture of it up on the blog late this week.  I also plan to use some really unique *vintage* goodies my 95yo grandmother just passed down to me. Sort of a, “Does this stuff really work?” kinda thing. I’ll show you those as well. My biggest project this week is to try and list some stuff on Etsy! So keep posted.

Back to the studio to work on my pattern and open the box of fabric goodies that just arrived. What’s on your menu this week?

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