A new member of the family!


We are a cat house. In my 16 years of marriage we have always had between 2 and 4 cats in the house. Before we moved to Florida last year we had to put our 14yo cat Milo to sleep. His brother Roscoe is now almost 16 and on his final weeks of life. My clan of men have been upset watching our favorite cat get weaker and weaker. A lot of talk about Heaven has been happening.

So to keep up our spirits and for the boys to better understand the circle of life, both human and cat, M took the boys out to add another member to our family.  Introducing:  Baby X


He is pure grey with little white patch on his neck. He is sweet as can be and loves the boys. A very cute addition to our family. Now we need to pick a name?  Any ideas?


So I spent a total of 1 hour in my studio yesterday. Slacker! But this baby is pure cuteness and right now is sitting on my cutting table watching me type. Not sure how productive I’ll be today with my little helper, but I did finish the prototype for my first pattern and will give you a sneak peak in the next few days.


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