My Future Farmer of America

FFA. Future Farmers of America is an national organization founded in 1928 by young farmers that wanted future generations to know that agriculture is so much more than just working on a farm. They wanted people to understand the science, business, art, technology that goes into agriculture and to be prepared for how it evolves in the future.


My oldest son took a 6 week “Ag” class as part of his vocational wheel this past fall.  When the January semester came, students had to choose 1 of the 5 wheel classes they took in the fall to specialize in the second semester. O chose Ag.  I was so surprised as this is a more hands-on-touchy-feely kind of class and O is Mr. Spock. But at 12yo, it’s going to be a great emotional and social experience for him.

So all during his sample Ag class he started talking about Rabbits.  In FFA at his school, students can raise their own animals for show. Many have horses, swine, cows, etc.  Some grow vegetables to show as well.  There is A LOT of work that goes into this, but the kids are amazing and do a wonderful job. Well O came to me one day and said, “Mom, I would really like to show a rabbit.”  I was not surprised he asked me this, I had a inkling it was coming.  Let me tell you how impressed I was with all the thought and research he put into this.  He had narrowed down the breed and just about every question I had was answered.  O is a very level-headed and thoughtful boy, so after our talk I knew as much as he did about these rabbits!

Fast forward to last weekend, we get an e-mail from his Ag teacher.  She has a friend that is moving and needs to find home for her two rabbits.  One just happens to be the exact breed O wants.  Fate, I tell ya! So we e-mailed her back and talked to the owner several times and this Wednesday, O became the rabbit daddy to:


Meet Pippin! He’s a 2yo Dutch breed rabbit with black and white colorings (there are several specific color types of this breed).  He is the sweetest little rabbit I’ve ever seen.  Perfect for our family and loves people and pets.  So far he’s getting adjusted to life at his new house, but appears to be settling in and enjoying the new cage, toys and special hay we have for him.

O’s goal is in September he will take the assigned classes to prepare Pippin for show. He’ll have presentations to give along with showing Pippin to judges. There is so much that goes on with showing an animal. I just had no idea. But for now,  welcome to our home Pippin, we are so happy you’re here!

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