Ribbon Sewing Foot 2: More ribbon!


See this box? Yeah. A Box. My darling husband knows me so well and knows how much we all love Thin Mints. So considering the horrible-no-good-very-bad-morning we had at the house, multiple boxes of these tasty morsels were purchased and immediately went into the freezer to cool down.

What caused this urgent need for cookies? The boys and I had to have blood taken this morning. I figure if they see me get my blood drawn they wouldn’t be so bothered. My oldest was fine. My youngest was fine after a few sniffles. My middle (9y0) got a little dramatic. He brooded all the way there, wearing a hoodie and pants when it was 65 degrees – which is warm for us. He watched us all get blood taken and started sniffling when it was his turn and requested he sit on my lap too.

Okay, kiddo.

So he sniffles a bit, she finishes up and he gets up slowly to go to the corner so we can leave. I’m putting a band-aid on youngest when we all look up to see middle go from talking to leaning his head on the wall then – quite gracefully I must say – slide down to the floor in a crunched position.

He fainted. Out cold. Took us 10 min to get him up and in the car. I have never been so freaked out in my life. I have made it through 38 years of life and 3 pregnancies with no fainting. I think I am more traumatized by the fainting episode then my son is! OY!

Okay, story of the Thin Mints box over…..

After I shared my first ribbon/sequin foot tutorial, I received quite a few e-mails from readers and challenge participants.  Many asked about size of ribbon, some asked about other materials and a few asked about stacking ribbon.  Well, I will answer those questions for you right now.  Before I do that,  head over to Ricochet & Away! ‘s Pinterest board for challenge samples and tons of funky feet! I never knew just how many machine feet existed until now!

The size of the ribbon you can use is based on the size of the foot. Mine is 1/4″ so I am limited to 1/4″ and under.  If you Google “Ribbon Sewing Foot” you will find a ton of pictures, but I found another version and tutorial over at Sew4Home that uses a different version ribbon foot where your width goes up to 1″. Every machine will have their own options, so make sure you purchase the right one for your machine.

As for materials, I tried grograin, lace, sheer and a few other types of ribbon. They all went through without a problem. The most asked question was about adding a smaller ribbon on top of a larger one.  In my foot it can be done but it was tricky. Here’s what I did:


After attaching the foot, I inserted the bottom ribbon first.  I left a few inches in the back to help me pull the top through.  Next I took my top piece (I used ric-rac), and put the first part OVER the top screw-roller you see above. You then have to push it down using a tool with a pointed tip, so it goes UNDER the white plastic piece that is attached to the metal guide closest to the needle.


Here’s a different angle so you can see how the top and bottom go IN separate openings, but when they meet under the needle they will sew and feed together.  While sewing these two pieces together, I had one hand guiding the ric-rac and the other holding the two from behind the foot. The bottom ribbon feeds on it’s own, so you will need to sew slowly and have good control of the top ribbon. Here’s a completed piece. Not too bad, huh?


Thanks for all the kind comments and great questions you have sent me! I love meeting fellow sewing and crafting bloggers.  Tomorrow I am headed out on my own for the day to meet up with a friend. We are going to a sewing and quilting expo. I’ve never been to one, so I can’t wait to see what kinds of goodies they’ll have!


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  1. So clever, my dear! I totally appreciate it when someone takes the time to post sewing tips and techniques. I love to read about finished projects as well, but posts like this one are great for adding to my virtual sewing toolbox on pinterest.