~ Happy Birthday To My Little Man ~

Today, my baby turns 6.  Happiest day of the year for him, very sad and heartwarming for me.  T is a very happy and cheerful little boy. So full of spunk and such a comic.  He charms everyone he meets and his adorable little face makes you want to give him a great big smooch.



Of my 3 boys, T was the biggest at almost 9lbs. He was always babbling and humming as a baby. Still does at 6.  He is always up for adventure, but can be fearful of loud sounds.  Loves to play with his brothers and hug his friends everyday. Plays a mean game of t-ball loves to snuggle with his momma.  He is the most stubborn and picky eater I’ve ever met, but give him a chicken nugget and life is good.

Happy Birthday to the best little boy a mom and dad can ask for! We love you T-man!  ~Mom&Dad~

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