A DIY Lightbox Project – Coming Soon!

photo 1

Remember this quilt?  I started it a few months ago, and after working on it in many different places (in-laws-airports-air mattress in a new empty house) it’s finally finished! Woot!!  I even hand-stitched the binding!  I am so proud of this quilt and it is going to be used quite a bit now that we’re freezing up here in NY. I ended up using a pale green Kona cotton for the binding and a white low-volume floral print for the backing.  I machine stitched the linen border and did a lot of stitch-in-the-ditch around many of the patchy squares. It was time-consuming but so worth it.

So while the boys were playing in the basement this morning, I got my quilt ready to take some photos to share with  you. Outside shots were not an option because of the rain and wind.  I tried to take some around the house with no luck either. My basement has no natural light and mustard colored walls, so that was out as well.  Then it dawned on me. Get on Pinterest and print out some of those DIY – Lightbox how-to’s!  It’s clear that lighting will be an issue in this house so why not give it a try?

So instead of new quilt shots (I do apologize for the finished quilt tease) here are a few of the DIY-Lightbox pins I’ve been looking at.  If you head over to my Craft Room board on Pinterest, I have a few more that look good.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 7.55.56 PM


I think I will attempt to make one during the holiday break and see how it goes. I will post my Pass/Fail results when I’m done. Hopefully, with a hubby that works for a home improvement retailer, he’ll be able to give me a few good tips too! And for some random chance I manage to find enough sun around here to take a few natural shots I’ll take a bunch and get them posted.

I’d love to hear if you or anyone you know has tried this and what your opinion of it is.  Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season! xoxo Cindy

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