WIP Wednesday turned into Friday

I had great hopes of posting these WIP on Wednesday with Freshly Pieced, but homework with the boys was quite the challenge this week and my work just sat on my computer card!  Moms, have you reached a point where you cannot help your kids with some of their homework? Yeah, that’s me. Well, at least for the math homework! My 7th grader is in Algebra so he knows better than to ask me, but my 4th grader is bringing home work that makes me get on Google to figure out! My poor brain!


Anyhow, I am plugging away at my Bonnie & Camille Scrumptious quilt between other projects. The hardest part is done (assembling the small blocks) and now I am starting to build each block. Each finished block will be 10″x 10″ and have 16 pieces to it.  This is not a hard quilt by any means, just time consuming.


Eventually this quilt will be for a guest bed in the basement. With one small window and darker walls, I really wanted something bright and sunny to cheer up the place. Bonnie & Camille is a perfect choice!

DSC_0065This week I also finished another block in my 163 Patchwork book.  This one was a breeze to whip up.  I was going to try to finish another one, but got stuck on a technique I had no idea how to do. Boo. I think it’s called a “Y-Seam”?  After some online hunting I found the perfect tutorial for me and will give this block another go this weekend.

Hope you all have a great Friday.  I’ll be back this weekend to show you actual proof that I can sew something besides handbags and quilts! And it’s a material I have never sewn with before! See you soon and thanks for reading. Cindy

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