Spring? Is that you?

I took this photo on Instagram this afternoon. I believe it’s titled, “Spring With My Buds”.

After last weekends warm shorts weather we were slapped in the face with nasty rains and a quick snow storm this week.  Luckily the few inches of snow we got melted within 24 hours and the temperatures started to rise again.

Today marks the first day of Spring Break for the boys. We made a nice trip to Barnes & Noble so T could use up a gift card followed by a special Starbucks smoothie.  After some time reading, we headed outdoors so the boys could play and I could start cleaning up all the dead garden *stuff* from the beds.  It’s amazing that with snow on the ground every day the plants and flowers come back to life.  I can’t wait to see what it all looks like!

I hope you all have a blessed Easter weekend.  We will spend time together as a family and I believe sometime this weekend we will be seeing the new Captain America movie. I was out-voted 4-1. Can’t win them all.

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