Hoppy Easter!

Oldest wanted to do a bunny photo shoot this morning to show everyone our cute Easter bunnies, but as usual, they had other plans!
2014-04-20 09.27.25So instead of cute shots with props and bunnies that sit still, we have our adorable buns doing what they do best. HOP!

2014-04-20 09.33.09This is Astro, our purebred Dutch who loves to be held and pet. His favorite pastimes are running around the Florida room, biting Shaggy when he gets to close to his cage and chewing on wood when we’re not looking…

2014-04-20 09.33.38What-chew looking’ at?  Don’t let this face fool you. He’s quite devilish and there have been a few times I’ve wanted to let him hop outside with the wild bunnies, but how can you not love this face?

2014-04-20 09.17.48

Shaggy is our Heinz-57 breed.  We were told he was part Lionhead part Mini-Rx but who knows. the only color he has besides this white are the tan spots around his face and a streak of tan down his spine. It’s what they call a broken pattern. Shaggy is big, goofy and fluffy and his name suits him.

2014-04-20 09.09.15

Shaggy is the most friendly bunny I’ve ever met. He plays with the cats and would love to play with Astro if only Astro would stop trying to spray on him….ewww!  His only real fault is that he is afraid of heights and doesn’t like to be held.  Look at that face, matching spots are too cute.

2014-04-20 09.21.57

Shaggy always looks *more* shaggy after some good play time.  I took this shot as we were getting him ready to go back into his cage. I think he smelled the Kale treats we got them for Easter.

So there’s our buns shoot. My husband calls them rats, oldest and I call them buns and the younger two call them bunnies…….but they are 100% cuteness the best Easter bunnies around!

Happy Easter from our family to yours!

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