Summer Vacation, Quilt Blocks & Cats in Scrubs….

There is going to be a whole lot of randomness in this post today!! I realized yesterday it had been some time since my last post, so I wanted to check in to say hi and share with you what I’ve been up to.  Last month was a busy one for our house. We spent a week at the beach then two of our clan headed to upstate NY for Scout Camp the day after we got back.  While the elder two were gone I was able to have some silly fun and adventures with the younger two boys.  Our big activity was our visit to Wonderworks.  That place is just plain weird, but the boys loved it.

14814428145_fdc0278329_zWe also took some time exploring downtown Syracuse and headed to the Erie Canal Museum. Z is a huge history buff so he loved being able to learn about the history of Syracuse and the Erie Canal.

14627764419_3d852a802e_zWith all these little trips, we did have some down time hanging out at home and playing with friends.  Last week we had some days of storms that kept us inside for a bit. I usually let the boys play the Wii or they will play with Legos, but this one day after noticing too much quiet upstairs I walked up to find this:

14791423806_7b7c3aefda_zThe boys decided to get out a field trip bag with doctor supplies in it and play veterinarian with our cat Leonard. This cat sat there while they groomed him, dressed him with a scrub cat and petted him. He was purring the whole time. I haven’t laughed that hard in some time!

In between dress up cats and adventures I have found a little time here and there to work on some quilting and sewing projects.  I was able to finish the July and August Sugar Block Club blocks.  I am enjoying participating in this club and continue to learn so much.




My Scrumptious guest room quilt top is coming along…slowly.  I am determined to finish it in the next month or so (crossing fingers).  I have been trimming more blocks the past few days and will sew them up this week.  What I need to do after that is figure out what border color I want to have and what bias color to use.  Any ideas?

14834951765_8a783de832_zWell that’s all for now! I’m off for our daily bike ride and then need to check my garden. I see lots of tomatoes in my future! Thanks for reading.  Cindy





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