World Autism Awareness Day ~ Light It Up Blue!

f00cc2b12d01a51b30c96df8899dda31I very rarely chat about personal items here.  But today I break that rule. Every year on April 2nd we celebrate Autism Awareness. We watch as people and places around the world wear blue, light up their houses blue or show blue traveling up the tallest buildings in the world.  It’s a day to reflect that 14 years ago, I gave birth to a highly gifted, adorable, kind young man who is on the Autism Spectrum.

At 2 years of age we noticed something was just *off*.  After a year or two of random testing went buy we were told his strengths and weaknesses put him in the Autism Spectrum.  Autism wasn’t as out in the open 12 years ago as it is now, so it was quite scary at first.  We consulted with his teachers, his doctors, family, and friends and just made sure they were aware of Owen’s needs and could help him adapt as changes came.

We are very fortunate that Owen is very high functioning. He has needed no IEP’s or special services at school. No therapy or behavioral services.  His main weakness is with the common sense everyday life around him. (We often call him our Mr. Spock.)  We have worked on this with him since toddlerhood by social modeling, teaching and social cues as he’s matured and started new projects and adventures.

Owen is active in Boy Scouts, holds leadership positions, is in the jazz and performing concert band.  He is an honor roll student enrolled in high school level science and Latin classes.  He’s obsessed with his X-Box and iPad Mini. He is a bottomless pit when it comes to food. And sometimes when no one’s looking, he’ll come up and give me a big hug or cuddle with me on the couch.

He is an everyday 14yo boy with a very special gift and he is simply amazing.

So today I ask you to spread the word about World Autism Day and pray for those on the Spectrum. Hoping they find the clues they need to help their kids.  xoxo Cindy


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