It’s Tool Time!

This post is for all you females out there that live with tool-men. You know what I’m talking about. The garage full of drills, screwdrivers, saws, air compressors and the men who come with them. That would be my hubby M.  He is a wonderful man, husband and father….and also a tool-man. Lucky for me he is very talented when it comes to home repair, car issues and building just about anything. The only problem we have at this house is that M works in the home-improvement industry, so he tends to bring home goodies quite often.  Some of these tools get used, others gather dust but for the most part they are used and appreciated.

Yesterday he brought home this:

  Enter the SKIL Power Cutter.  It reportedly cuts through literally everything. Even fabric.    Reading this, M immediately bought it and gave it to me so I could use it in my new  handbag business.   So I open it up and after charging for a few hours gave it a spin. Note: This    is a power tool.  It  can cut off major body parts. Use extreme caution when using and make sure  no children are near when in use!

What I used it on:  Interfacing,  Thick Rope, Thick Canvas, Quilt Cotton.

What I discovered:  The blade does NOT come down level with the cutting mat, so any fabric/material will need to be lifted so the blade can cut. But when it does cut….WOW!! While you DO control the movement of the tool, the blade goes so fast you cannot feel it cutting at all.  It is also very sensitive to motion so if you need accurate cutting around a pattern, this may not be the best option for you. But if you are just needing to cutting a random piece of fabric out it will be fine. I also tried different sizes of rope. The SKIL took time to cut through it, only because it was thick and round causing the tool to cut to the right and not straight.

My suggestion: Use this to cut out fabric when you don’t need to follow a pattern. Any fabric you can find it will cut. If you have your pattern set on a mat and pinned ready to cut, do not use this tool. The lack of dropdown blade makes it a requirement you lift your fabric so getting an exact cut may be difficult.  I must thank M for his thoughtful gift. I do plan on using it in my studio and I believe M may sneak it out to the garage a time or too! I will update when I find new uses for it.

Have any of you tried this tool? What do you use it for and what kinds of results are you seeing?  Cindy

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