Bag Love

I wanted to share a few bags and accessories I’ve been lusting over recently. I love making my own bags and often do, but sometimes you see an exceptional bag that you just can’t live with out. Sometimes you buy it. Sometimes you put it on a wish list. Maybe, if you have mad skills you can design something similar yourself.  I’ve done all of the above. But today I want to share some items on my wish list: (click on the store to go directly to their ETSY shop!


This is one of my favorite shops to surf around in. Love the clean and simple designs and the reviews of the shop show just how      wonderful their products are!  In fact. I just ordered this one in teal: (Thank you Christmas money!)




      Photo by – Kinies

Gim Carry

She has the cutest little brass zippered pouches. I love her fabric choices and designs. I could surf her Etsy site forever!

  Photo –

So there you go. Two of my favorite Etsy shops to visit. I am getting excited about opening my Etsy shop, even though this move will delay it a month or two. I will show you a sneak peak tomorrow of a quilted tote bag I’m working on. I’ve had some success with it and some not-so-successful moments as well. I just need to remind myself that sewing for me right now is trying to re-learn old techniques and trying new ones. Have a great weekend!  Cindy




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