A Jumble of Projects

I’m currently working on a bunch of ideas. The problem is, I need to focus on ONE of them and run with it! The first idea is a pencil pouch or money pouch (see above). Please excuse the horrible top-stitching. My Consew is still acting up and while we know now what is wrong with it I still can’t use it. The stitches were on the 7 setting, and I love the length so hopefully I can use it in the future. I am happy with how it turned out so I plan to tweak the pattern a bit, then work on some for my shop.

The next idea I had was to create some sort of pouch that I can store my receipts and money in.  I tend to throw my receipts in my bag and then loose change jiggles on the bottom making a mess of things.  So I created this:

It is a basic tall rectangular pouch with a fold-over magnetic closure. There is the top section that is open for my receipts, then a smaller pleated pouch in front to store loose change and bills. I also added a D-ring to add to a key-chain or inside my bag clip.  I like how it turned out, although I will make it again with a zipper and a few other things. But, not bad for the first try. I now am down to two projects on my table. One is a bag and pouch I plan on making for a family member per her request and the other is this:


A Linen tank top-ruffle-thingy I could no longer wear. Not because it did not fit, but because the ruffles looked very…..old and like I belonged back in the 1700’s. The fabric is fabulous, so I took the back seam out and left the ruffles intact. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it. Any ideas???? Cindy

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  1. Hi Cindy, The fabric is great, how about a clutch purse using the ruffles on the front.

    • I may try just that! The ruffles are all nice and crinkly (is that a word?) from washings and ironings too so they are not overly thick and would be easy to sew. Cindy 🙂