Hi there! I am the lone female in a house full of boys. My studio is my woman-cave and retreat where I can design, sew and be a handbag fanatic. Nice to meet you!

I am a former high school Family and Consumer Sciences teacher turned work-at-home mom to three beautiful boys.  This blog is a way to share my love for handbags, sewing and quilting.

The Boys

My life and loves. Oldest is 16, Middle is 14, Youngest is 10. I will not be sharing their names but may on occasion share a event or two with them in it.  And full of sass and spunk!

Some of my favorites:

Handbags: I have too many to count. Don’t ask me to! I change them daily and make them all.the.time!

Reading: I am a romantic at heart, so give me a good historical romance book and a quiet place to read it and I’m a happy girl! Too bad that doesn’t happen often.

Treats: Chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate, Fro-Yo by the pound, Mint Mocha coffee with Hershey’s Chocolate Caramel Creamer *sigh*.

My blog

If you see something you like on my blog and want to share it, please feel free! I only ask that you give proper credit back to my site. If you want to alter a project or idea seen at Raspberry Sunshine, please acknowledge my original idea with something like, ” Based on the idea by” etc. and link back to my site.  Free tutorials from my site are welcome to be used and sold, BUT you MUST list my name as pattern designer in your listing. As always with us overprotective mama bears, please do not use pictures that my kiddos are in. They’re my kids after all!  Thanks 🙂

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