WIP Wed: Block 19 & 20 of The 163 Japanese Patchwork Book

Early last year I started making blocks from a wonderful Japanese Book titled (roughly):   163 favorite Pattern of Patchwork .  ISBN 9784391140.  It caught my eye because I have a serious love for Japanese sewing and quilting books, but mainly because each block was deconstructed for you so you could see how to best assemble them.  By December 2014, I completed 18  8″ blocks. Not too bad! I plan on continuing this project in 2015, so today I got my book out once {Read More}

WIP Wednesday & A Baby Spring Bag

Hi there!  I know I’m a bit late for WIP Wednesday, but I do have major WIP going on in the studio.  Here’s the first one that is actually done! I have no name for her, but after receiving some Dreamin’ Vintage in the mail a few weeks backs I knew this fabric had to be made into something cute and springy.  The closure uses velcro as does the front pocket.  I use velcro on occasion, but since this was {Read More}

WIP Wednesday ~ 11 so far ~

After using too many scraps (and a few good pieces), I finally finished two more blocks in the 163 Patchwork book.  The two I chose for this week were difficult for me. I think it was mostly because it had seaming I’d never attempted before.    But in the end I did them…. and not to shabby either. Here’s a shot of the blocks I’ve done from the book as of this week: I’m making my blocks 8″ finished so {Read More}

WIP Wednesday turned into Friday

I had great hopes of posting these WIP on Wednesday with Freshly Pieced, but homework with the boys was quite the challenge this week and my work just sat on my computer card!  Moms, have you reached a point where you cannot help your kids with some of their homework? Yeah, that’s me. Well, at least for the math homework! My 7th grader is in Algebra so he knows better than to ask me, but my 4th grader is bringing {Read More}

WIP Wednesday – Sugar Block Club!

I have been cutting fabric and interfacing all day, but wanted to share my WIP with you before I head back to the ironing board.  I received my March Sugar Block Club e-mail this weekend. Amy’s theme for this month is a great one, and I really enjoy the stories and recipes she shares along with the wonderful quilt blocks. This month’s block  was a new one for me, and while it was time consuming it wasn’t as hard as {Read More}

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