Weekend Activity Mash-Up

Today marks the end of winter break in the household.  Until a few months ago, winter break was something I had never heard of. Who gives students a week off school when they just finished Christmas break? Well, up here they do! The boys were so excited to have another week to relax and play in the snow, sleep in and play with friends.  Oldest spent his mornings and early afternoon taking ski lessons for the first time. I’m so {Read More}

WiP Wednesday ~ Quilt Blocks and Cows!

Yesterday I was able to finish one of my 163 Patchwork blocks and start another one.  These are challenging blocks for a newbie, so I find myself struggling from time-to-time.  The issue I run into the most is enlarging the pattern.  There is a small block on the bottom right that shows the completed block. Then there is a colored bock on the left taken apart to show you how to put it together.  What is starting to work for {Read More}

WIP Wednesday ~ On Thursday

I had great plans of sharing a few finished blocks yesterday, but mother nature had other plans.  We got a good foot of snow between late Tuesday night and Wednesday night. It was pretty fluffy snow, but WAY too much of it!  Of course this meant cancelled school, playing in the snow and a impromptu Minecraft man-fest in the basement.  The boys had a lot of fun and kept busy which is a good thing. I did manage to finish {Read More}

Selvedge & Patchwork Quilt Blocks

I finally dug into my bin of selvedge strips Tuesday.  My initial idea was to make a large tote with it, but now that they are done I’m just not sure.   With this bin of scraps I was able to make 10 – 7″x7″ blocks.  Not too shabby.  I used a piece of felt to initially place the strips on, but then realized I wanted it thicker so I added a layer of batting underneath. So in total I {Read More}

Menu Monday’s ~ What’s on Your Crafty Plate?

I’m posting my weekly plans a bit late today simply for the fact that I have been switching between loads of laundry, cleaning and making chocolate chip cookies most of the early afternoon!  It’s amazing how much laundry 4 boys can create…and how many cookies a Troop of Boy Scouts will eat.  But now I’m in the home stretch with laundry, the cookies are done and the sun is actually out in CNY! Time to relax for a few before {Read More}

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