7 Pretty Things on Sunday….

Happy Sunday! Today M and I are taking the boys up to Adventure Island Water Park in Tampa for a morning of water fun. With one week left before school begins, this will be our big final adventure of the summer.  Summer break has gone by so fast and next week at this time I’ll be a mom to a 6th & 3rd grader and a teeny-tiny Kindergartener!  I find myself looking at my baby and wondering what I’m going {Read More}

7 Pretty Things on Sunday

I’m back for another Sunday of sharing some great sites and pretty things I’ve been drooling over online.  And with my husband already relocated to the warm Florida sunshine state and the rest of the clan freezing our patooties off up here, I need to stay in my nice warm basement so I can play with the boys and get a little crafty. Sounds good to me. Without further ado, here are my 7 Pretty Things for Sunday and thanks {Read More}

7 Pretty Things on a Snowy Sunday

Photo & Project Credits:  1. Drawstring Patchwork Cube   2. Tote Organizer   3. Fabric Fortune Cookies   4. Scalloped Tote *CUTE*   5. Casserole Carrier  6. Re-Usable Grocery Bags  7. Fabric Flowers  We woke up this morning to a bit of snow and leftover ice from yesterday. On top of that, we have shown our house a few times this weekend which always causes stress. This stress tends to multiply when you have three boys to wrangle into the car for a quick adventure. We are now in a {Read More}

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