Weekending: My Mint-Colored Singer 15-125

I love antiques.  My house has quite a few pieces of old furniture and trinkets I’ve found over the years. But my favorite antique purchases recently have been related to sewing.  Last winter I found a collection of 90 year old needlecraft magazines.  I’m not much of a stitcher, but to see the ads, prices and trends are fun to look through from time to time. When Spring rolled around in CNY the neighborhood yard sales started. I hit the jackpot {Read More}

Hello Pretty ~ My Antique Toy Singer Model 20

Yesterday on Instagram I shared a picture of my Mother’s Day gift from the hubby and boys.  It was a quick shot, but with everyone is still fast asleep, I can share a few more pictures of my new beauty and the history behind her.  Here she is! This is a Singer 20 Hand Crank Toy Sewing Machine!  And by toy, they meant it was originally designed for kids who wanted to learn to sew.  In the later years of production it was called {Read More}

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