Virginia Beach 2014!

Oh Virginia Beach, how I love you so…. Last week was our annual family vacation at the beach. We’ve been able to stay in the same beach house for the past 5 years, so it’s such a sense of comfort to walk up the familiar stairs and sit at the same place on the beach.  This year was a little more subdued for us as the hubby had a business conference in NC at the same time causing him to {Read More}

Our Beach Vacation ~ Part 1~

Happy Monday everyone!!  We are back safely from Virginia Beach and enjoyed a wonderful week with our family. We had 4 plane flights that went very smoothly (thank you dramamine!) and uneventful. We flew Southwest both times, so we enjoyed lots of funny comments and add-ons to pre-flight directions. Have you ever had funny attendants like that? It’s always hard to get back into our schedule after a lazy beach week, but after a day of cleaning and getting the {Read More}

Happy Memorial Day!

 ~~Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to the men and women who  have made it possible for us to enjoy freedom at the expense of their lives.~~ Have you been having a nice holiday weekend?  We’ve been taking it easy for the most part. M had to work (retail loves holidays!) but we did manage to head over to the beach for the morning before it got too crowded. Any morning trip to the beach is a good one in our family because {Read More}

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