Birthday Pillows & Spa Treatments!

  Last Saturday was oldest’s 14th birthday.  Besides the traditional birthday fun, I decided to add some more *young-man* sorts of furnishings to his room.  This boy of mine has his room set up and organized just the way he likes, so I had to make sure the changes were not big ones.  I added deep red black-out curtains that not only made his room look like a dungeon, they have been keeping drafts out too. Bonus!  I also found a {Read More}


  My oldest turned twelve on Thursday. Twelve. I am feeling a bit old right now and a little nostalgic. O’s breakfast request of the morning was homemade chocolate-chip scones. After a long day of school and homework, nana and grandad surprised us by showing up and taking all of us out to the new I-Hop (O’s favorite). Red velvet cake was consumed quickly and then gift wrappings were all over the place. The young man you see above has been a joy {Read More}

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