Spring? Is that you?

I took this photo on Instagram this afternoon. I believe it’s titled, “Spring With My Buds”. After last weekends warm shorts weather we were slapped in the face with nasty rains and a quick snow storm this week.  Luckily the few inches of snow we got melted within 24 hours and the temperatures started to rise again. Today marks the first day of Spring Break for the boys. We made a nice trip to Barnes & Noble so T could {Read More}

A 2″ Bias Tape Maker?

Greetings from a very soggy Gulf Coast!  It has been raining nonstop since very early yesterday morning, so after I get the boys to school I have had plenty of time to sew and pull out a few goodies I’ve been wanting to share with you.  Have you seen this? I had heard that Clover made a 2″ bias tape maker, but had never seen one being used. So I went to my distributor and lucky for me they had {Read More}

Menu Monday ~ What’s on your menu?

This is my Monday. Rainy, Windy, Thunder, Lightning.  Good ol’ Florida summertime soakers.  It has been raining off and on since Saturday evening and because of this, the natives are restless and our outdoor time has been limited.  When the boys were younger I had a full arsenal of summertime crafts and activities. Now that they are older, I am finding it harder to find “cool” things to do.  They have their camps and we go on vacation, but the {Read More}

I’ve been trapped in my wo-man cave!

Well, I wouldn’t say trapped, but I have actually had some time between kids activities and routines to sneak some time in my craft room to work on some projects and ideas floating around in my head. This brown and pink polka-dot tote is my newest creation. The pink ruffles you see in the front are open on the ends to allow for a piece of string or ribbon to use it as a drawstring. I used 6 different pieces {Read More}

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