A Selfish Sewing Week Bucket Bag ~ Done! ~

After I missed Selfish Sewing Week last time around I told myself that I would try to get ahead of the game the next time so I could participate and finish something. I’ve been updating hints on my Instagram account this week, but haven’t shown my finished bag. So here it is! My bag has no name, but I can tell you I’ve had this idea in my head for some time. I am SO happy it tuned out just as {Read More}

Japanese Inspired Bucket Bag

My wonderful Juki was up and running this weekend. Finally! It feels nice to be at my machine again after the move even though my Consew is still acting up and dripping oil.  So Friday I grabbed a few of my Japanese bag books and decided to give one a try.  I picked out this cute pattern with the hopes of making a cute bucket-type bag to take to the pool this summer. With minimal translation and use of the excellent {Read More}

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