My Weekly Crafty Reading ~ Hooray For Libraries!

I am LOVING the CNY library system!  With a few clicks of the mouse, I have been able to assemble quite the reading list this summer.  A few weeks back I shared my first bookshelf post and what I was reading. I kept those until the due date and grudgingly returned them to the library.  Well lucky for me I got another notice e-mail over the weekend that a few more books I had on hold were ready, so after {Read More}

Craft Bookshelves ~ Buying -vs- Borrowing

I love to buy craft books. But then again, who doesn’t?!  So when a new book comes out that I want to read I jot the title, author and ISBN down and add it to my “to-read” wish list. The problem I have is my wish list is now a mile long! About 7 years ago I started looking for ways to get my wish list books.  I am not independently wealthy nor have I won Powerball, so what does {Read More}

Weekend Reading ~ Sewing Edition

Every time we move one of the first things I do with my boys is find the local library.  We sign-up for our cards and take a tour. If we have time, we’ll often find another library nearby and walk around there too. So last week we headed back and checked out a few books.  The boys checked out a MAD magazine compilation book, a few Weird School books and the oddest book about a chicken nugget boy who was {Read More}

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