Organizing The Small Stuff ~

After surviving another round of allergy tests with the little man (my ears are still bleeding), M and I managed to actually go out to a real-live restaurant. By ourselves. With no kids.  It felt so weird to eat at my own pace and have uninterrupted adult conversation. But I sure did enjoy my meal and quiet time with the hubs. One of the things I like most about M’s job is that he always has one weekday off. So {Read More}

A Craft Room Bombing….

With the dark dreary skies and a sick child on the couch, I decided to take out my checklist *and Lysol* and tackle some studio organization issues I’m having.  The issues mostly deal with fabric storage and keeping it neat and easy to see. But, from the picture you’re looking at it seems like a whole studio clean up is needed doesn’t it? Let’s see what’s going on here…. My floor: It is the only thing clean right now. The {Read More}

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