Large Diaper Bag

A few weeks ago I found a pre quilted piece of fabric at our local Jo-Ann’s.  It was so pretty and unique I bought the last 2 yards of it. (It was on clearance too!) I took it home and pulled out my college textile books to see if I could ID the fabric.  I couldn’t. From what I can tell it has a look and feel of starched linen, but has a sheen that tells me it has some {Read More}

The Duckie Tote

When the boys were a bit younger and we lived in the arctic state of Pennsylvania (hey-I’m a Florida girl!) we lived in a house that looked eerily close to the Brady Bunch house. And because of the house being built in that era it tended to have bathrooms in “unique” colors.  Luckily for us ours was blue. The tub/shower = blue. Toilet=blue. Tile=white with blue. And if I remember correctly, the countertop may have been blue as well. We {Read More}

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