Have You Seen a Lake This Beautiful?

This weekend we took advantage of the cool morning temperatures to visit Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville, NY.  We have been wanting to visit for some time, but with the monster snow and cold it wasn’t in the plans.  So this morning while it was sunny and in the low 70’s we took off to visit the park. Have you seen a lake blue-green in color like this?!?!  I love this picture, but it was even more vibrant in {Read More}

Spring? Is that you?

I took this photo on Instagram this afternoon. I believe it’s titled, “Spring With My Buds”. After last weekends warm shorts weather we were slapped in the face with nasty rains and a quick snow storm this week.  Luckily the few inches of snow we got melted within 24 hours and the temperatures started to rise again. Today marks the first day of Spring Break for the boys. We made a nice trip to Barnes & Noble so T could {Read More}

Weekending – Birthday Edition

One of my favorite men turned 7 on Friday: Having a birthday on a school day can be quite fun, but for T he was torn. Do I open my goodies before or after school? Cupcakes or Cookies for my friends? Mom, can I stay home from school today and play? Such hard decisions for a little boy, huh?  So I answer him: You have to go to school big-guy, but the rest is your decision. So Friday morning at {Read More}

~Meet My Gracie ~

Wowee, this week started off great! For once I was super organized with the family tasks and plans. I was able to start a few sewing projects in the studio and was able to get a ton of errands checked off my list. Until 10:30 am Monday. I’m standing in the middle of Tandy Leather Factory buying a bag of double cap rivets when the hubby calls. Don’t panic he says, but O just passed out in class and you {Read More}

Weekend Activity Mash-Up

Today marks the end of winter break in the household.  Until a few months ago, winter break was something I had never heard of. Who gives students a week off school when they just finished Christmas break? Well, up here they do! The boys were so excited to have another week to relax and play in the snow, sleep in and play with friends.  Oldest spent his mornings and early afternoon taking ski lessons for the first time. I’m so {Read More}

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