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  Boy have I been quiet in bloggy-land this week! Remember about that pleasant dental visit I went to Monday? I was scheduled to have a root canal and then be on my way, but that did not happen.  I went in at 9am and came home at 1pm, minus a tooth and with a few stitches. A first for me. And lucky me has an accessory nerve that makes numbing my teeth harder so 5 shots later they got {Read More}

You CAN craft at hockey practice!

My middle is taking hockey lessons. On Saturdays. At 7:30am.  That means I get to drive middle and youngest to a freezing cold rink when it’s already 80 outside. I come prepared with blankets usually, but an hour and a half of sitting in the cold really does a number to my aging fingers.  So today while my youngest was reading and playing, I decided to weave. I have a huge box of fibers in all sizes, colors and styles. {Read More}

Happy Memorial Day!

 ~~Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to the men and women who  have made it possible for us to enjoy freedom at the expense of their lives.~~ Have you been having a nice holiday weekend?  We’ve been taking it easy for the most part. M had to work (retail loves holidays!) but we did manage to head over to the beach for the morning before it got too crowded. Any morning trip to the beach is a good one in our family because {Read More}

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